Calories in Panini: How to Cut the High Calorie Content

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Most weight-watchers would definitely get rid of foods that are positively high in calories and fat. While this is a good way to trim those fats, or at least maintain your current form, you’re also missing out on the fun of taking heavenly bites of yummy foods, especially when we’re speaking of Italian foods such as the Panini sandwiches.

Panini sandwiches are said to be high in fat and calorie content. Because of this, the calories Panini sandwiches have to offer scare off weight-watchers. While Panini may be the super sandwich of this century, because of their heavy fillings, some shy away from eating them. However, they don’t need to be loaded with high-calorie ingredients.  You can make panini the way you want, even low-calorie.

Let’s begin our initial counting. So how many calories are said to be in Panini sandwiches? To start off, Panini or Panino is an Italian grilled sandwich made of small bread loaf filled with fresh herbs, cheese, vegetables, and meat, of your choice. By this statement, one doesn’t have to actually worry about the calories Panini sandwiches are said to have, because you can choose your own fillings. Well, that is if you make your own Panini at home. But, of course, Panini served in restaurants are most likely to be high in fat and calories, unless they have choices of low-fat, low-calorie sandwiches.

Panini containing low-fat ingredients may have about 12 grams of fat and 450 calories. In other instances, there are also some Panini sandwiches that contain calories ranging from 575 to 925, and 26 to 35 grams of fat. Meaning, for a person with 2,000 calories in his/her daily diet, the last mentioned ranges are beyond three-quarters of the recommended daily intake. The initial culprit is the cooking oil used that has a high-fat content. Sometimes this may also be due to the kind of cheese, meat, or flavoring used in Panini.

However, don’t fret; you can still enjoy those palatable Panini with more healthy, lower calorie fillings, without having to worry about putting on some weight. Follow these simple alternatives to lighten up those homemade Panini:

  • Use whole-grain bread.
  • Choose low fat cheese; typically mozzarella or provolone are naturally lower in fat than others.
  • Choose poultry instead of meat.
  • Choose olive oil cooking spray.
  • Choose lighter spreads or mayonnaise or don’t use any at all.
  • Add variety and flavor from fresh herbs and roasted vegetables.
  • Nutritious mushrooms are also great fillings with few calories. Besides that, they are a rich source of mineral selenium, an antioxidant against cancer and help promote DNA repair. 

There are other several alternatives to healthier Panini sandwiches without the much-dreaded calories.  By taking these easy steps to alternate healthy food choices, you can eventually cut the calories Panini sandwiches are famous for. Nevertheless, it all depends on how aware you are of the nutritional facts.  Cookbooks are a good way to get ideas for great tasting panini.  Choose vegetarian panini or chicken panini to save on calories.  Now, who says you can’t have your cake and eat it, too?


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  1. I am very conscious about my Calorie intake when eating. I usually restrict my Calorie intake so as not to gain weight and also i am into a low carb, low fat diet.

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